PHPUnit Code Sprint April 2019

Did you ever think of giving something back to an open source project?
Joining the PHPUnit Code Sprint is an easy way to get you started and keep you going:

Code sprints are similar to Hackathons, but usually targeted at one single project — in this case, of course, PHPUnit.

At the beginning of the 2-day code sprint, Sebastian Bergmann, the creator of PHPUnit, will present the current state of PHPUnit to help you get started. There will be a list of suggestions for different knowledge levels — fixing bugs, implementing new features, etc. — you can choose from, but you can as well bring your own ideas and work on those.

As some core contributors will participate in the code sprint, you will have the unique opportunity to get quick feedback to your ideas and get detailed insides into the the current state and development of PHPUnit.

We at FLYERALARM are happy to support our favorite testing framework by providing the working environment as well as food and beverages not only to our own developers but also to the public.

As there is only a limited amount of tickets, please make sure to let us know as early as possible if you can’t make it so we can give your ticket to someone else.

Sign in at

Date: Friday, April 26th 2019 9:00 – Saturday, April 27th 2019 16:00
Location: Flyeralarm, Alfred-Nobel-Straße 20, 97080 Würzburg

Zurück in neuem Gewand!

Nachdem mein Hoster jetzt zwangsweise auf PHP 7 umgestellt hat (Recht hat er!) musste ich auch schnell aktiv werden. Der alte Blog war schon uralt, daher jetzt dieser neue Auftritt.

Trotzdem viel Spaß bei der Usergroup, das nächste Treffen findet Ende November statt!

Viele Grüße
Euer Jason